Our current times are very alarming and scary and lead to a lot of fear, anxiety and panic and our mental health is taking a dive.

It can be quite difficult to come out of the fear/anxiety/panic that some are feeling around this whole virus situation and shift to a more positive mindset.

When the brain perceives a danger (real or imagined) it secretes stress hormones which lead the body into fight or flight mode and it will simply react to the situation presented without any discrimination in order to survive.

Logical thinking is bypassed.

Because of the constant bombardment of terrifying news, the stress hormones continue to be excreted and your body remains in the fight or flight mode making it very difficult to shift from simply reacting to logical, critical and reasonable thinking and decision-making again.

Most people are not aware of this and/or if they are, they have no idea how to do this.

I am a Certified Stress Management Coach and trained to mentor you through the process of shifting your mindset and achieve a more positive outlook even amidst unprecedented times.

I created a digital workshop in 4 modules diving deeply into stress management including recorded video, Powerpoint presentations and worksheets for you to complete every week.

With the help of this program you will go:

  • from feeling stressed to the max and not knowing what to do about it to understanding the steps that lead to your being stressed and how to change them
  • from simply reacting to your stressors automatically to deliberately choosing your stress response
  • from not being aware of the connection between chronic stress and your health to knowing exactly how to change patterns so you can feel good
  • from having no energy or motivation and feeling overwhelmed to having abundant energy, feeling good and feeling in control of your life
  • from feeling like a victim not knowing how to handle things to being empowered and knowing exactly which steps to take
  • from being scared of the future and how to handle not being healthy to knowing exactly how to deal with symptoms as they arise and having a positive outlook on life

Module 1: Understanding Stress and its impact

Module 2: The effects of chronic stress on our health and Regenerative Stress Competence

Module 3: Instrumental Stress Competence and Self and Time Management

Module 4: Introduction to Mental Skills and Mental Stress Management Techniques

Click on the link below the image to see an excerpt from module 1:


Introduction into Stress Management Skills

The modules are delivered to your inbox weekly.

Current Investment: $99 for the entire program

Please send an email to anya@coachingwithanya.com