Achte auf deine Gedanken, denn sie werden Worte. Achte auf deine Worte, denn sie werden Handlungen. Achte auf deine Handlungen, denn sie werden Gewohnheit. Achte auf deine Gewohnheiten, denn sie werden dein Charakter. Achte auf deinen Charakter, denn er wird dein Schicksal.


ich bin die Anja, und bin zertifizierter Stress Management Coach und Mentaltrainerin.

Ich arbeite vorwiegend im Autoimmun-Bereich und zeige meinen Kunden, wie sie mithilfe von Mentaltraining Ihre Autoimmunerkrankung besser in den Griff bekommen.

Außerdem arbeite ich mit Athleten zusammen, entweder im Team oder als Einzelsitzungen.

Was ist Mentaltraining?

Mentaltraining bedeutet für mich, seinen Geist so zu trainieren, dass er einem am Besten dabei hilft, gesetzte Ziele zu erreichen, sich gut zu fühlen und in allen Situationen in der Lage zu sein, sich SELBST “rausholen” zu können.

Das gezielte Einsetzen der Gedanken, um sich besser zu fühlen. Ich arbeite u.a. mit Zielsetzung, Visualisierung, , Glaubenssätzen, Unterbewusstsein und Motivationstraining.

Und so sieht eine Zusammenarbeit mit mir aus (laut meiner Kunden):

“This is a testimonial to my time with Anya Alyzabeth…. I started this path ultimately to get a handle on my anxiety and to find a way to open myself to my inner being and find ways to be more centred and aware…. Anya taught me to be kind to myself first and foremost and thru positive self talk and affirmations and journaling I was aware of the change I felt instantly….. the course was very eye opening and heart opening and soul opening. When I found myself stumbling or not understanding Anya explained it so easily and gave me a directness that was so needed and always spoken with love and understanding…. unlike Counselling where I was never really helped as they always want you to answer for yourself which of course is the ultimate solution but sometimes you’re just blocked and need that answer and as Anya has the insight to know when and when not to say something and the clarity of her answers or awareness hits you with the light going on! Her honesty is a blessing, you may not want to hear it but once you do you see that it is 100% the truth for you. I found that so refreshing and insightful. I loved all the little bits and pieces she brings into this program from oils to card readings to teaching you tapping and meditating and more….. she makes it all about YOU and that is special….just like her 💞” (Shanette)

“When I first got on the phone with Anya I was expecting to learn something interesting about my health struggles and how they are connected to past beliefs, but what I experienced was that and so much more. She lovingly and powerfully guided me into a space of being extremely honest with myself about the stress that my relationship with my partner was putting on my health. Thanks to her intuitive clarity there was no place for me to hide. But rather than feeling scared looking at this truth, I felt held. I felt supported and grateful. She brought the truth to light with so much grace, and at the end I felt so excited that I had uncovered this essential piece of myself that needed to be healed, and she allowed me to feel a deep trust in myself and my power. I would recommend working with Anya if you are struggling with any health issue, she will help you get to the source of the dis-ease with loving and powerful clarity.” (Kayla)

“Thanks so much and I wanted to say thanks for the amazing session that we did. I found that it really helped me and I would love to do something like that as I found it very powerful. ” (goalie for a junior hockey team)