Your future is at stake

School can be boring, unnerving, demanding, challenging, feel useless and unnecessary and oftentimes you wish you could just not go. You are not alone in feeling like this. AND, school is also your stepping stone to the future that you envision. Academic coaching can help you get the degree you desire without completely burning out and your personal life and fun left on the back burner. Academic coaching can help you with skills and tools moving you towards academic success while maintain a balance in life.

How can an academic coach support you?

As an academic life coach I work with you outside of the school environment. Together we will look at your approach to learning, identify your strengths, and develop skills and strategies to improve your academic experience. We will identify how you prepare for tests and assignments, how you learn best, what resources you have available, how you can manage stress better including learning time and self management skills. The skills you learn will serve you as a life-long scaffolding to achieve your goals and dreams.

Coaching or therapy?

Not sure what the difference is between coaching and therapy? Click here to find out.

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