I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a coach. In fact, I was pretty much without major direction for most of my life. I tried out quite a few things over the course of time and nothing really resonated all that much, let alone, being my dream occupation. Even with hobbies, I wasn’t passionate about anything until my mid-30s. I often wondered if others felt kind of lost too and what to do about it but never took any real action. So the years went by until my life suddenly fell apart and I was forced to look at my choices very closely and major changes were now inevitable. That is how my journey with coaching started.

Knowing what I know now, I decided that it would have been absolutely awesome to have that kind of guidance and support as a young person in order to be better equipped to work with the challenges life always throws at us and maybe make some better decisions.

Having an academic background in linguistics, it took me many years and and lots of opportunities for growth and self-improvement before I decided to become a coach myself. The coaching approach fits right into my philosophy of helping people – it provides the tools and skills to clients so that they may go out into world perfectly equipped to master everything coming their way and to attain all their goals whether it be personal, social, relationship, career, academic or self-improvement goals. I am 100% dedicated to the success of my clients and intuitively tune into the areas that clients struggle with most. There is nothing more rewarding than clients leaving a coaching session empowered and ready to take on the world.

Now I am absolutely devoted to helping out our younger generation. there has been so many major changes for young people and it isn’t always easy to relate as an adult/parent. Being a Mom to a teen myself, I see first-hand what young people are facing in these times and thanks to many conversations with my son and his friends, I can relate much better now. It is my most important goal to help young people make better life choices for themselves and give them the tools needed to thrive.

Professional Achievements

MA in Linguistics

Certified Stress Management Trainer

Certified Self and Time Management Trainer

Certified Mental Skills Trainer

Certified Meditation Trainer

Sports Psychology Coach

Youth Resilience Coach with research-based Youth Coaching Institute (an ICF-accredited institution)