About Anya


my name is Anya, I am a Certified Stress Management Coach focusing on Mind Mastery aka Mental Skills and motivation training and help clients create lasting changes by resetting neural pathways.

Having an academic background in linguistics, it took me many years and and lots of opportunities for growth and self-improvement before I decided to become a coach myself. The coaching approach fits right into my philosophy of helping people – it provides the tools and skills to clients so that they may go out into world perfectly equipped to master everything coming their way and to attain all their goals whether it be personal, social, relationship, career, academic or self-improvement goals. I am 100% dedicated to the success of my clients and have a special knack for intuitively tuning into the areas that clients struggle with most. There is nothing more rewarding than clients leaving a coaching session empowered and ready to take on the world. 

Professional Achievements

MA in Linguistics

Certified Stress Management Trainer

Certified Self and Time Management Trainer

Certified Mental Skills Trainer

Certified Meditation Trainer

Certified Sports Psychology Coach

Youth Mentor Coach & Youth Leadership Coach with research-based Youth Coaching Institute (an ICF-accredited institution)