To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation – (Paulo Coelho) 

How can a Life Coach help?

Life can be challenging and we are not always in control of external events affecting us negatively.  As a life coach, I can help you apply evidence-based skills and tools that help you manage your reactions in a way that provides a higher quality of life and gives you the opportunity to work towards achieving your goals. How much better would your life be if you had the skillset to turn any stressful situation into an opportunity that moves you closer to your goals?

Personal Life Coaching

Life isn’t only about surviving, it’s about thriving. Get help in learning to enhance your quality of life through self-mastery and personal development, build resilience and achieve your goals. You will find that: 

  • you are transitioning from simply reacting to your stressors to deliberately choosing your response and aligned actions
  • you are increasing your energy and motivation instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of control of your life
  • you are taking charge and not feel like a victim to circumstance anymore
  • instead of feeling anxious about the future you are deliberately working towards your goals and crushing them

Academic Coaching

Education plays an important role in creating  the lives we desire. A coach can help to examine your approach to learning, strengths and possible improvements using effective tools that lead to academic success.

These tools will help improve:

  • motivation
  • performance
  • productivity
  • balance between academic life and leisure
  • and overall quality of life.

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