About Anya

Are you Ready to embark on a healing journey of a life time?

Do you believe you have the innate capability to heal yourself?

Are you ready to explore healing modalities other than medical/physical solutions?

Have you tried a myriad of different things but still feel like you are missing a crucial element?

Are you open to the idea that stress, psychological/emotional factors directly affect how your immune system functions?

Then you are in the right place.

I am not saying it is easy.

I am not saying it will take x amount of weeks/months etc. and you will be done

I am not saying everything will be perfect forever after

I am saying that it is possible and you can do it

I am saying that this is a decision to deal with difficult situations that will last a lifetime

I am saying that even though your external life will always throw some curveballs, you will have the internal capability to deal with them so that they may not impact your health negatively

I am saying it is a way to gain better control over your life and how you feel and you will feel a sense of pride in your own abilities.

It will propel you forward in every aspect of your life.

Let me support you on your journey, hold space for you, guide you when you need it and let you draw from my vast experience of having embarked on this journey myself coupled with my expertise in many different areas such as Stress management, Thyroid Yoga™, Aromatherapy, Meditation, and more.

Here is a personal story and a promise

Hi, my name is Anya. I am a Mom who kind of lost herself over the years so now I spend my time rediscovering who I am – or in some cases re-inventing myself.

I also have an autoimmune condition that wants to impact me in ways that I don’t like. So I also spend my time finding out what makes me feel better and how I can reverse my symptoms. I don’t want to take medication for them and have discovered that my health – and with that I mean mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health – is directly related to the way I deal with the stressors in my life.

I started paying more attention to this relationship over the last few years. The less adapted i was to deal with what life was throwing at me, the worse I felt.

The more my thoughts resembled something like ‘why is this happening to me again? What did I do to deserve this’ etc., the more I gave up control over how I felt and the worse my symptoms became.

I finally got really fed up with external events/people/forces or whatever else having such a negative impact on me.

So I sat down and started doing some serious mindset work.

And I mean serious, raw, sometimes painful, honest, deep, vulnerable stuff.

Too often did I feel like giving up, like I was just sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss.

But guess what?

The more I dug into the murky waters of my belief system, my innermost feelings, thoughts, emotions, the better I understood.

Mostly myself, my reactions, my fears, my hopes, my deepest desires.

And then I trained myself to rewire this system.

I changed thought patterns, I adapted, adjusted, accepted, understood with compassion – whatever it took to truly and deep down make me feel better and more able to cope with my current life situation.

This, my friend, is the only true way to affect real, lasting, meaningful change for the better. You got to put the work in.

I am holding out my hand to invite you to take this amazing journey together with me.

Here is my promise to you: If you are willing to truly change from the inside out and look at yourself with more honesty than ever, your view of everything in this world will be changed forever.

You will have the life you are dreaming about because YOU are creating this life from your heart through the power of your mind.

Love always

Anya Alyzabeth